About us – RS-TEAM Group


manufacturer of the F1 simulators

We work in coin operated game machines business since 2004. RS-TEAM was established in 2011, after the fusion of two other companies.
At the beginning we were working with hospital television systems, but observing the fast changing market we switched our target to coin operated game machines.

At the moment RS-TEAM works on many surfaces such as:
· Production of F1 simulators
· Production of educational touchscreens for children
· Development of software and applications used in our simulators

All RS-TEAM products are individually designed to match our client's specific needs. We are developing our products, keepeng them always up to date and adding new functionalities. Our aim is to keep our coin operated machines as modern as possible, both visually and technically.

Each device goes through series of extensive tests to work faultless for all the time.

Some of our projects